Ricardo & Michelle 

September 30th 2023

Everyone was right when they said, "your wedding day will come and go" and "you can plan for everything and things will still go wrong. " 

No truer words have been said! Ricky and I still laugh to this day about how things were chaotic or totally out of our control. We could dwell on the negative things, but we choose to laugh about it. Truthfully, it's all about how you react in the moment and how you choose to relive that day that makes it magic. We couldn't have asked for more supportive friends and family. Thank you for showing up for us and being witnesses to our new beginning! 

1/1/2024 - We're sincerely sorry for how late our thank you cards came out! Life was on full speed when we got back from our honeymoon and it hasn't slowed down yet. We're excited to share more good news with you as this year unfolds. 

Whatever is meant for you, will be more than you could've ever prayed for. Be patient, be kind, and love fiercely.